Graffiti artists from Greece and abroad
Volos, Greece
Urbanact & Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.

Urbanact organized and implemented a mural programme during the "Urbanartventures vol2" programme.

With the cooperation and support of Jugend- &Kulturprojekt e.V. organizer of the "Urbanartventures vol2" programme (a European erasmus+ programme)

Under the aupsices of Municipality of Volos, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Justice

Sponsors: Pellachrom color, Kompogiannis Georgios color, Tsiolis Lampros color, Flame spray, Stylefile, Rollex

Supporters: Filomila, Argo beer, Monami, Mr Serious, Chaleva print,, ErtVolos

Media sponsors: Thessalia, Magnesia, Taxydromos,, I support street art

Erasmus+ programme

Participating artists: Apset, Artez, Bifido, Bojan Lacmanovic, Cedric Magnien, Dreyk The Pirate, Giacomo Zorba, Ivesone, Jamer, Julieta.xlf, Kez, Mattia Campo Dall' Orto, Milica Djorjivic, Nikola Mihajlovic, Ox-Alien, Sive, Sokar Uno, Taxis, volotow.819, Wuper & Xolaka  




Artists: Apset, Bojan Lacmanovic & Nikola Mihajlovic








Artist: Wuper



Participating actions... 


Artists: Artez & Ivesone




Student participating action organized by Milica Djorjivic



Artist: Dreyk The Pirate



Artist: Taxis



Murals in Tzigante area...


Artists: Bifido & Julieta.xlf





Artists: Giacomo Zorba, Kez, Pupet & Ox-Alien



Artists: Giacomo Zorba & Kez


Artists: Kez & Pupet


Artist: Mattia Campo Dall' Orto






Artist: Ox-Alien



 Artists: Jamer, Sive & Sokar Uno





Artist: Xolaka



The team...


Presentations day...




Art show by Stefan Kiehne during the opening of the Poster Art exhibition...



Artist: Cedric Magnien


Artist: Ivesone


Artist: Milica Djorjivic


Artist: Artez




Artist: Wuper


Artist: Sive


Artist: Julieta.xlf


Artist: Taxis


Artist: volotow.819


Artist: Sokar Uno


Artist: Xolaka



Artist: Apset


Artist: Jamer


Artist: Kez


Artist: Ox-Alien


Artist: Bifido


Artist: Mattia Campo Dall' Orto