Mattia Campo Dal'Orto
Volos, Greece

"CityCall", vol4. MuralArt festival. Artist: Mattia Campo Dal'Orto. Volos, Greece, 2020

"HardCover Roof". Artist: Mattia Campo Dall'Orto.

Under the auspices and the support of Doepap Dipethe - Municipality of Volos and Istituto Italiano di Cultura Atene.
Support: Flame graffiti spray, Meraki cafe, Svolos, To Xoriatiko, Noodle's Volos, Filomila, Chaleva, VinSanto, Lagaras Cranes,, Kostas Menemenoglou, I Support Street Art, Lifo.

Artist statement: The artwork focuses on the concept of home and mobility. A hybrid creature, a women body with dog’s head, holds an open book as a small roof: literature (and more generally knowledge) can be a shelter for people moving, as migrants for example. The lettering, repeated on the background in a Graffiti/Writing style, create an organic pattern. Pixelated areas on the character make the composition more precious and dynamic, hiding some details and reducing the tridimensional illusion. Colors, subject and composition recall the mural A DAY IN A DIARY OF A VOICELESS, painted in 2019 on the facade of the building on the left side. Now the couple of walls works like a diptych that focuses on the concept of “home” or better to say on “the research of a safe place”. This safety may hopefully be reached through a culture of hospitality, empathy and valorization of differences.